Winchester Alerts

Winchester city residents:

Take action now! Contact your city commissioners and the mayor and ask them to pass the model animal ordinance presented to them by SOAR in April. Tell them you don’t want dogs chained and penned for life in Winchester.

Don’t forget to let them know you are a member of “Kentuckians Vote for Animals, a non-profit that endorses political candidates.”

Kenny Book, Commissioner

These huskies, used for breeding, spend the majority of their lives in this small pen in Winchester. © SOAR 2012. Used with permission.

bkengolfer “AT”

This dog lives chained to a tree 24 hours a day in Winchester. © SOAR 2012. Used with permission.

Kitty Strode, Commissioner
kws416 “AT”

Paul Richard (Rick) Beach, Commissioner
rick “AT”

Shannon Cox, Commissioner
scox “AT”

Ed Burtner, Mayor
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