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Circle Time rules gains one hundred and one educating rules on the topic of the subject matter of its identify. actions span a number of curriculum components together with math, language improvement, technological know-how, paintings, tune and extra.

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Ask them to think about why some things float and others sink. Hint: Use the graph from the activity on this page. Help the children keep track of which items float and which ones sink. © School Specialty Publishing 47 1-57029-486-0 101 Circle Time Activities Science 59 QUALITIES Materials None Activity Talk about the qualities or characteristics that objects have. Introduce the children to descriptive words such as soft, hard, rough, cold, hot, small, empty, and full. Ask them to think of other words that can be used to describe something.

Simple Streamer: Cut two-foot lengths of crepe paper or ribbon. Put 10 of the strips together and staple them at one end to make a streamer. Ring Streamer: Cut out the center of a plastic lid to make a ring. Staple two-foot lengths of crepe paper or ribbon to one side of the ring. Leave the other side free for holding onto. Tube Streamer: Staple lengths of crepe paper or ribbon to the end of a cardboard paper towel tube to make a tube streamer. © School Specialty Publishing 49 1-57029-486-0 101 Circle Time Activities Music and Movement 63 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Materials Rhythm instruments Activity Give each of the children a rhythm instrument.

Hint: If you have an uneven number of children, choose one child to stand by you and call out an action each time partners are switched. © School Specialty Publishing 52 1-57029-486-0 101 Circle Time Activities Music and Movement 68 MOVING WITH SCARVES Materials Scarves Activity Collect enough scarves for each child to have one. Let each child choose one of the scarves. Sing the following song with the children. Have them use their scarves to act out the motions as described in the song. Sung to: “Hokey-Pokey” We put our scarves on, We take our scarves off, We put our scarves on, And we take them off again.

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