54 by Wu Ming

By Wu Ming

Fifty four

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Bacterial Chromatin

The relative simplicity of the bacterial mobilephone, brief new release occasions and good outlined and cheap culturing stipulations have considerably contributed to our realizing of many advanced organic structures. but the workings of the bacterial genome, doubtless impossibly compressed inside of a tiny nucleoid, have remained elusive.

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He and some others managed to get inside a church and close the door. There were more than thirty of them, all breathless. One of them was Enrico Pinamonti, thin and bespectacled, a secondary school teacher with anarchist ideas. What was he doing there? Rizzi barely knew him, they had never gone beyond hello and good evening, and now they were besieged together. ’ ‘Hi, Rizzi. We’ll see whether it’s a good day or not. ’ Outside there was a terrible commotion, shouts, sirens, people hammering on the door.

He waved a hand and, incredulously, one after the other, they ran for the mountains. ‘Listen carefully, all of you. Anyone who wants to come with us, Farina, Piras and I are heading off to find the rebels. You do what you want, but as the captain said, if our men catch you, they might well shoot you, because you stood and watched. ’ The three men picked up their rucksacks and put them over their shoulders. ’ ‘No, romano. It was Cavaliere Benito Mussolini who got us into this situation. ’ Farina passed them with a box of ammunition he had removed from the truck they had arrived in.

Someone threw a hand grenade at the Prefecture. In Via del Teatro, the police opened fire on some people who appeared at the window. That day, 6 November, the police killed another four people, injuring thirty. When Rizzi heard of this, he was lying belly-down on a hospital bed, humiliated and exhausted, and more concerned with his own backside than he was with his homeland. That man Pinamonti was either a prophet or a jinx. III Around the world, 25 December 1953 A substance that relaxes the heart and the sphincter, a nectar that eases rebellion in the muscles, fairy tales told to bones and joints.

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