A Report on the Army Transformation Wargame 2000 by Walter Perry, Bruce Pirnie, John Gordon, Louis Moore, Robert

By Walter Perry, Bruce Pirnie, John Gordon, Louis Moore, Robert Howe

This record analyzes the military Transformation Wargame 2000 and its implications for the method of a military in 2015.

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Government needs to develop clear and comprehensive policy on the use of such weapons. JOINT VISION 2010 What changes in the Army are required to improve integration and achieve the goals of Joint Vision 2010? Creation of Efficient Processes and Seams Rather than pursue “seamlessness,” the Army should strive to make the “seams” transparent and efficient. Members of the SIP thought that seamlessness may not always be an achievable or even a desirable goal. For example, the loadmaster on a transport aircraft will normally be a noncommissioned officer in the Air Force, while the Army will often be responsible for loading the aircraft.

Medical support would be of particular concern during such deep operations. During ATWG 2000, Objective Force units suffered significant numbers of casualties in the early war stages. They sustained these casualties prior to establishment of a theater medical or evacuation infrastructure, significantly increasing the risk of deaths occurring before arrival at definitive care facilities. In view of the lengthy evacuation times, Objective Force units would require better means of stabilizing patients than are currently available.

Several questions remained unanswered by the players. How might fires of the Army forces and an AEF be integrated most effectively in near– real time? Should the operation have a single commander? If so, how should he be selected? If he were the commander of Army forces, how could his headquarters control air forces effectively from the field? What exercise activity—at the National Training Center or Nellis Air Force Base, for example—would be required to fully develop a concept for integration and assure its smooth execution?

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