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This ebook is simply 330 pages lengthy, each one bankruptcy averaging 22 pages, and but, it packs loads of reliable to first-class content material, with all of the first 14 chapters supplying the building-block info that may allow one to construct what the writer has known as a real-world type program, the Campus Explorer mentioned within the final bankruptcy. whereas there's extra to construction real-world enterprise functions than what the writer were in a position to tackle, the writer hit all of the correct spots, displaying readers easy methods to: securely speak with code deployed in related- or cross-domain servers to get software facts, bind these info to person interfaces styled to mimick ASP.Net's grasp and ContentPlaceHolder recommendations, deal with data-sharing, multithreading, and dynamic content-loading matters, attempt and debug software code together with computerized UI checking out, and construct, package deal and install software code. as well as overlaying the entire well known bread-and-butter techniques comparable to info- and Control-Templating, Animation, and the way to paintings with Audio and Video records, the publication additionally comprises sturdy discussions of visible country supervisor (Chapter 8), Dynamic Language aid (Chapter 10) and a very good dialogue of ways to exploit IsolatedStorageFile successfully. This ebook is particularly good written and arranged, and offers sturdy to very good contents successfully. (Note: the resource code for the e-book should be downloaded from the web site pointed out on the finish of the creation, ).

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Table 3-3. UIElement Class Property Type Description Clip Geometry Defines a clipping region to for the UIElement. DesiredSize Size Indicates the size of the UIElement as determined by the measure pass, which is important for layout. RenderSize provides the actual size of the UIElement. IsHitTestVisible bool Gets or sets whether UIElement can participate in hit testing. Opacity double Specifies the opacity/transparency of the UIElement. 0, corresponding to full opacity. 0 causes the UIElement to disappear visually, but it can still respond to hit testing.

Clicking the grid causes the event to bubble up to the grid’s parent. If you want to mark an event as handled, you can set the Handled property on the EventArgs class to true. However, just because an event is marked as handled doesn’t mean that the bubbling of the event will stop. Any event handlers on parent controls will still receive the event. Therefore, if you want to prevent processing of an event that was handled, you must check this property on the EventArgs parameter. 35 36 CHAPTER 2 ■ GETTING TO KNOW XAML Summary This chapter covered the foundations of Silverlight.

Table 3-2 lists the methods of this class. 39 40 CHAPTER 3 ■ CREATING USER INTERFACES Table 3-2. UIElement Class Method Description Arrange Positions objects contained by this visual element. Invoked by the layout system. CaptureMouse Sends mouse input to the object even when the mouse pointer is not within its bounding box. Useful for drag-and-drop scenarios. Only one UIElement can have the mouse captured at a time. HitTest Returns an IEnumerable collection of UIElement objects that are considered “hit” by a specified point or rectangle.

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