Adamantine Arrow (Mage: the Awakening) by Jackie Cassada, Rick Chillot, Stephen DiPesa, Matthew

By Jackie Cassada, Rick Chillot, Stephen DiPesa, Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Malcolm Sheppard

The fourth of the five order books for Mage

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Adamantine Arrows study all phenomena as forms of conflict. Arrows try to avoid letting this model blind them to the whole truth, but there are times when the order ascribes intelligent aggression to things that are really the result of mere chance. Critics say this fosters paranoia in the order, but a loyal Arrow would retort that for the Awakened, paranoia is rarely unjustified. The magical universe is full of enemies capable of attacking through twists of fate and other secret maneuvers. Corollary: Opposition Defines Power Arrows examine the secret world by defining forces in opposition and examining the ways in which they oppose, destroy and control one another.

They’re fools. Power exists only when it is used. The Adamantine Arrow knows this and believes itself to be the strongest order. The Arrows’ power doesn’t just flow from the barrel of a gun (or blade or staff), but from the fact that they’re relied on to provide safety and stability: the attributes that mages need to survive, much less have cabals, Consilii, laws and customs. The order follows a doctrine of action, even when standing guard for an established Consilium. The Arrow’s patrols, oaths and campaigns set the shape of Awakened culture.

For perhaps the first time since the Arrow’s flight from Atlantis, Arrows felt a true challenge from the Sleeping world. In the past, Arrow mages had involved themselves in the wars of Sleepers as much to keep in practice as to achieve victory for one side or another. In most wars, Arrow mages faced each other across battle lines and sometimes fought occult battles under cover of the confusion of the clashes between Sleeper armies. The escalation of the tactics of terror and the growing association of war with atrocity have driven Arrow mages to consider carefully when and how to involve themselves.

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