Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: Introductory by Gary B. Shelly, Dolores Wells

By Gary B. Shelly, Dolores Wells

ADOBE DREAMWEAVER CS5: INTRODUCTORY, 1E follows the Shelly Cashman sequence' confirmed step by step, screen-by-screen method of educating the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 software program.

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You can move, resize, close, or collapse the panels to accommodate your individual preferences. The next section discusses the following components of the Dreamweaver workspace: title bar, Document window, panels and panel groups, status bar, Application bar, and toolbars. As you learn to use each of these tools, you will discover some redundancy. For example, to apply a font tag, you can access the command through the CSS Property inspector, the Format menu, or the Text category on the Insert bar.

Menu name Application bar Collapse to Icons/ Expand Panels panel groups Edit menu dimmed command arrow indicates submenu vertical bar Property inspector horizontal bar Figure 1–6 Dreamweaver Chapter 1 Creating a Dreamweaver Web Page and Local Site Dreamweaver Chapter 1 DW 41 DW 42 Dreamweaver Chapter 1 Creating a Dreamweaver Web Page and Local Site Toolbars In the Classic workspace, or view, Dreamweaver can display four toolbars: Document, Standard, Style Rendering, and Browser Navigation. You can choose to display or hide the toolbars by clicking View on the Application bar and then pointing to Toolbars.

In this layout, the Document window and Property inspector are displayed on one monitor and the panels are displayed on a secondary monitor. The Classic workspace contains a visually integrated workspace and is ideal for beginners and nonprogrammers. The projects and exercises in this book use the Classic workspace. The settings on your computer determine what is displayed when the Dreamweaver CS5 program starts. By default, the Welcome screen is displayed each time you start Dreamweaver. The Welcome screen’s visual representation is a good tool for beginners, but more proficient Dreamweaver users generally disable this feature.

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