Adobe Flash CS5 Basic - Student Manual - ACA Edition by Don Trembiary

By Don Trembiary

After studying this creation, you'll know the way to exploit necessities, a objective scholar description, direction goals, and a talents stock to correctly set your expectancies for the path. Re-key this path afler type.

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Because of the rivalries among the various browser makers, they do not all adhere strictly to the HTML standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Even though most features you create will work on all browsers, invariably you'll find a feature that doesn't behave quite like you expect it to in one browser or another. By testing your code on as many brands of browsers as possible, you can find and trap for the odd behavior your users might encounter. The Preview Using Temporary File check box tells Dreamweaver MX how to handle the preview step.

But you'll find, with a little upfront preparation and planning, you can make sure the code you create is informative, clear, and concise. By establishing a set of coding practices that you follow in every piece of code you create, you'll make sure that not only can other developers modify your code in the future, but that even you can make sense of what you wrote a year after you released the system. We're going to cover some guidelines for coding practices in this chapter. We say guidelines because there are no hard-and-fast standards for coding practices-coding practices are as varied as the developers that create the code, and, therefore, what follows is necessarily subjective opinion.

To set this folder, click the file folder icon and select the folder (or create it if it doesn't yet exist). Warning Nothing prevents you from setting your Local Root Folder to the actual web directory on your testing server. However, there are advantages associated with putting your Local Root Folder on your local machine. You will have two working copies of your site-one on your machine and one on the testing server. If you inadvertently scramble a file beyond repair or delete it, you can always copy the intact version from the testing server back to your local drive.

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