Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers. A professional image by Martin Evening (Auth.)

By Martin Evening (Auth.)

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When one or more layer 's contents extend beyond the canvas boundary, the Image 0 Reveal Ail command can be used to enlarge the canvas size to show the hidden ' big data'. You can use the key to OK the crop and the CD key to cancel and exit from a crop. On Macintosh and PC keyboards. these keys should be di agon ally posi tioned. with CD at the top left and at bottom right. Drag the crop tool across the image to marquee the area to be cro pped. Refine the position of the crop by directl y dragging any of the eight crop hand les.

I .. ,: ;. , .... / : . Flgur. 22 Vou canuse thePhotoshop Preset Ma",gerto loadcustom settings()( replace themwithone ofthepre-supplied defaults. Presets indude: Brushes, Swalches, Gradients. Styles. Patterns, Contours and CustomShapes. > ~ ~-? -+ ~ - . · ""' C ~ ,.. ' .... . " urge Thumbnail , Flgur. 23 Apart from being able10 load and replace presets,l"uare able to choose how the presets are displayed. Inthecase ofGradienls. tt is immensely useful tobe able 10 see athumbnail preview alongsidethe nameoflhe gradient.

If you stop moving the cursor. the airbrush paint will continue to spread out until the opacity level you set is reached. The Row control determines how 'fast' the brush tool applies paint to the image . You can open the Brushes palette by clicking on the palette icon at the far right. The Wet Edge painting mode (now in the Brushes palette options) builds extra density around the edges of the brush stroke. This imitates a natural water color effect. / The pencil produces hard edged. anti-aliased, pencil-like drawing lines.

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