Advances in Transport Phenomena in Porous Media by Yehuda Bachmat, Jacob Bear (auth.), Jacob Bear, M. Yavuz

By Yehuda Bachmat, Jacob Bear (auth.), Jacob Bear, M. Yavuz Corapcioglu (eds.)

This quantity comprises the lectures provided on the NATO complicated research INSTITUTE that happened at Newark, Delaware, U. S. A. , July 14-23, 1985. the target of this assembly used to be to offer and talk about chosen issues linked to delivery phenomena in porous media. through their very nature, porous media and phenomena of delivery of in depth amounts that happen in them, are very complicated. the cast matrix will be inflexible, or deformable (elastically, or following another constitutive relation), the void area could be occupied via a number of fluid stages. each one fluid part will be composed of a couple of part, with some of the elements able to interacting between themselves and/or with the cast matrix. The shipping procedure should be isothermal or non-isothermal, without or with section adjustments. Porous medium domain names during which broad amounts, akin to mass of a fluid part, part of a fluid part, or warmth of the porous medium as an entire, are being transported take place within the perform in a number of disciplines.

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G az ax. S of Eq. e Ta , appearing in Eq. 13) in terms of the averaged a-a fluid velocIty. 14) J Other types of fluids may be considered by the same methodology. By using Eq. 1) to average Eq. 14), we obtain --a + de a V~a J ) dX i + ]la U0 f (S as ) ) (V~av . + Vrna J' v al. 15) where ]la is assumed constant within the REV. As a special case of interest, let us assume that (a) the fluid (that occupies the entire void space) adheres to the solid (= no slip m --a -s . , the Sas -s Sas -ssolid is approximately rigid, and, therefore, its averaged velocity on (Sas) is equal to its average over (Uos)' Then Eq.

4. Instabilities due to Mass Transfer and Interfacial Tension Non-uniformities 6. CONCLUDING REMARKS 7. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 8. REFERENCES 9. LIST OF SYMBOLS 49 49 50 51 53 54 58 59 59 60 62 63 64 64 66 67 71 72 72 75 PORE SCALE PHYSICAL MODELING OF TRANSPORT PHENOMENA IN POROUS MEDIA Richard A. Dawe, Eric G. Mahers, and John K. Williams Mineral Resources Engineering Department Imperial College London SW7 2AZ United Kingdom ABSTRACT The flow of fluids through natural reservoir bodies is complicated, particularly for multiphase processes and especially if there is mass transfer.

Are much smaller than the tangential ones, :::a -a we obtain (V. T :::a ). 6) ) or v . al where z = x3. 7) By inserting this expression into Eq. 8) 26 . a Assum1ng that PC!. « be approximated by C!. PC!. S of Eq. dS C!. C!. v 3dS J C!. 9) In writing Eq. 9), we have made use of Eq. C!. 10) 6 .. OC!. S of Eq. 3) can be expressed by C!. p C!. g ax. 11) J By inserting Eq. 8), Eq. 9) and Eq. 11) into Eq. 3), we --C!. dTC!. •• 1J _ _ C!. aT ~ ax. 1 a-C!. PC!. (- ax. 1 -Ci + PC!. g az ax. S of Eq. e Ta , appearing in Eq.

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