America and the Rogue States by T. Henriksen

By T. Henriksen

America and Rogue States narrates and analyzes the U.S. dating with the most nuclear-threatening, terrorist-sponsoring outcast states over the past decades.

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Despite their minority status, they controlled the top positions in the government, police, and military until the US occupation. The Sunni lorded over the Kurds and Shia. In parts of the capital and in the southern corner known as the Basra province, the populace adhered to the Shiite branch of Islam. The Shia formed about 60 percent of the overall citizenry. Because of their faith, they often fell victim to the whip hand of Sunni rule. Some Shias looked to Shiite-dominated Iran for protection, inspiration, and even safe havens in harrowing times.

But they realistically prepared for war. A Desert Shield The United States sped elements from the 82nd Airborne Division and two US Air Force fighter squadrons to Saudi Arabia in a rush to implant Operation Desert Shield to defend the desert kingdom, lest Iraq make good on its threats. This vanguard was followed by a torrent of heavy armored divisions, bomber squadrons, and aircraft battle groups that were based in facilities on Saudi soil. By the commencement of ground warfare early the next year, US military forces in Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf sheikdoms numbered half a million, the largest concentration of armed might since World War II.

During the Persian Gulf War, the AmericanIsraeli friendship was further tested when Iraq fired Scud missiles at the Jewish state. Washington pleaded with Jerusalem not to respond in kind. The Israelis gritted their teeth and complied with the American request. An Israel counterstrike might well have split the fragile Arab-American wartime alliance. That Arab states stayed committed to the US-led coalition was a testament to George Bush’s vigorous diplomacy and to Israeli forbearance under missile bombardment.

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