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9. The 0 2 and N20 proportioning device prevents the delivery of less than 30% oxygen, and greater than 70% N20, and can be tested by varying the 0 2 and N20 flows through the flowmeter. 10. The common fresh gas outlet located on the front left-hand side of the machine releases anaesthetic gases from the flowmeters, vaporizer and flush valve. C. Breathing Clrcult: 1. The two most common anaesthesia circuits used for adult anaesthesia are the circle circuit and the Bain circuit. An anaesthesia circuit functions to take the anaesthetic gases from the machine to and from the patient.

The decreased level of consciousness may be accounted for by the low blood pressure and the high arterial carbon dioxide tension. This case illustrates several common problems. The patient presented in an extreme condition, following an illness which likely resulted in significant dehydration. Upon his arrival in the emergency department, his cardiorespiratory system was being maximally stressed. Following intubation, his blood pressure fell precipitously. Patients with cardiorespiratory decompensation who require urgent intubation will often demonstrate a fall in blood pressure following intubation.

4 Intubation and Anatomy of the Airway The goal of assessing a patients airways* preoperatively is to attempt to identify potential problems with maintaining, protecting, and providing a patent airway during anaesthesia. The assessment is performed with the aid of a physical examination and a review of the patients history and anaesthetic records. The '1-2-3' test** is used to assess several factors that may affect decisions concerning the patient's airway management. The first component of the test is used to identify any restricted mobility of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

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