Animators Unearthed: A Guide to the Best of Contemporary by Chris Robinson

By Chris Robinson

The 3rd is a chain of appendices that summarize for the reader information regarding the content material of sure theoretical versions of feedback. ultimately, a bibliography directory a large choice of rhetorical severe reports and reference works is incorporated. (An index might be extra as soon as ultimate pagination is settled)

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It’s very oppressively absurdist. Dark tone. ” Whatever the future holds for Landreth, his reputation is secured as one of the most inspiring, original and provocative animation artists around. 3 JibJab: This Land CHAPTER 4 JibJab Redefining the Toon In July 2004, just before releasing their latest internet short, This Land, Evan and Gregg Spiridellis were beginning to wonder if success would ever find them. Although JibJab, their studio of four and a half years, had overcome obscurity, survived the dot-com crash of 2000 and produced a couple of modest internet animation hits, they still weren’t sure if producing animation for the internet would ever be a profitable venture.

I grew up in Chicago,” says Landreth. And my sister actually dragged me to come see this theatre company called the New Futurists. I was very resistant. But she dragged me out there. And I saw these guys perform, and I’d never seen anything like this. It’s very interactive and improvisational and usually quite absurdist. Some of them are just spoken word monologues. I’d clearly felt that I could take one of these performances verbatim and create an animation out of it. And so I talked with the director afterwards and introduced myself, and said I’ve really got to see as much of this material as you’ve got, either on video or I’ll pore through this stuff live.

He left a kind of a mark on a lot of people, including me, of how bad clowns can really be. So Bingo definitely hit a nerve there. Some beautiful ugly clowns came out of that whole memory and mishmash and stuff, and made its way into an environment that I’m very proud of. ” Bingo, however, is more than just a surreal visual farce. ” Even though the 38 Animators Unearthed man knows the truth — he is not Bingo — after enough bullying and repetition, he forsakes his identity for that of the clown. On one hand, the quote is an obvious criticism of how the media and politicians mislead and manipulate the general population, yet it also shows us just how fragile we are in our skins.

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