Aya de Yopougon, Tome 4 by Marguerite Abouet

By Marguerite Abouet

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The transformation lasts as long as he desires, but it does sometimes fail. Once per day, he must make a Will Save at DC 14. If it is failed, Gwyn reverts to his natural state. Because this is, in essence, an illusion, he may not notice that something has gone wrong. He must make a Spot check at DC 14 or continue acting as though it were still in his polymorphed form. 47 Queen Size: Diminutive Hit Dice: 6d6+ Hit Points: Initiative: Speed: Mab Fairy Subtype, Glamour, Illusion, Polymorph Object, Polymorph Self Fey (Ellyllon) 12 Saves: 37 10 feet, Fly 40 feet (Good) AC: 16 (+3 Attacks: Skills: Animal Empathy +8, Bluff+6,Craft+10, Heal + 10, Hide +7, Spellcraft + 12 Size, +3 Dex) Pinch +4 melee (1d6-2) Face/Reach: Fott +4, Ref +8, Will +7 Abilities: Str 6, Dex 17, Con 14, Int13,WisI5,ChaI5 + 3 (Dex) 1 foot by 1 foot / 0 feet Special Attacks: Chaos, Curse, Entangle, Hold Person, Polymorph Other Feats: Special Alignment: Chaos power Qualities: (Sp): works cancels penaley does Affected chaos in a circle spell, except a Saving Throw 5 Neutral Good with a radius of 20 feet.

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