Bacterial cell structure by Nader Hassanzadeh

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Publishing as Benjamin Cummings 51 Basal body and ring systems     Gram negative bacteria possess MS- ring system in cell membrane, P-ring system seen in peptidoglycan layer, L-ring system that is present in lipopolysaccharide layer is also seen. Gram positive bacteria possess MS ring and Pring. Flagellum of Gram-negative Bacteria. The base drives the rotation of the hook and filament. 52 The Ultrastructure of Bacterial Flagella Flagellar basal bodies and hooks in (a) gramnegative and (b) gram-positive bacteria Prescott,2006 53 Electron micrograph of the flagellum 54 Basal body and ring systems           Basal body consisting of: A series of rings that act as a stator; An internal rod that acts as a rotor, driven by the proton gradient; A hook, and The filament itself.

In the absence of net movement, cells were observed to flex. This can be easily shown when superimposing two images that were recorded at different times. Dark areas indicate overlap of the cell during both recordings, and lighter areas show displacement of cell sections. Spormann,1999 42 Gliding bacteria M yx ococcus x anthus          The time difference between the two superimposed images was: 1 min 48 s for the picture at top left (size bar included), 1 min 10 s for the picture at bottom left, 7 s for the picture at top right, and 27 s for the picture at bottom right.

FtsZ forms a ring-shaped structure(blue) during cell division that is required for the division process (a). When actin-like MreB homologues are present, cells can take on a rod shaped morphology like that seen in Escherichia coli (b). Caulobacter crescentus cells contain crescentin (yellow) in addition to FtsZ and MreB, and show a crescent-shaped cell morphology(c). e. g. in Spiroplasma cells).  Membrane-bound ribbon following the shortest helical line on the cellular coil, and composed of several well-ordered fibrils.

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