Bali 9: The Untold Story by Cindy; King, Madonna Wockner

By Cindy; King, Madonna Wockner

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She had found a new place to belong. To outsiders, Renae and Tracie might have seemed the most unlikely of matches: a gullible teenager who had never had to fend for herself and an older woman who had experienced much more; a lonely young woman looking to belong and a mother busy with one son and two daughters of her own. Renae had never experienced a serious relationship, despite her family teasing her about the cute bloke at the smash repairs shop. But despite those odds, Renae fell desperately and fully in love with Tracie, insiders say.

How would four young men explain away this paraphernalia? 26 grams of heroin and another plastic bag of conventional pepper powder. Its smell was strong; Sidan started sneezing. Black and pink rubber gloves, light brown-coloured Leukoplast adhesive tape, a waist support belt, screwdrivers, seven rolls of yellow adhesive tape, five of white plus three rolls of light brown-coloured cloth adhesive tape, along with seven brown-coloured rolls and one white roll. It was all there. Right in front of them.

That’s what happens when terror grips the body—you can forget your lines. The colour began draining from their faces, leaving both deathly white. But Senopati kept going—his job just started. He called for one of Customs’ drug detection dogs, but not the canine that had let the pair slip through the net earlier. This new dog, Maxy, wandered around and around his targets. However, he remained standing—an indicator that the pair was free of drugs. Not convinced, Senopati ordered Lawrence and Maxy from the room.

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