Bargain with the Devil (Candlelight Ecstasy Romance) by Jayne Castle

By Jayne Castle

PB Romance

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Hunter reached out and took hold of her left wrist, chaining it deliberately as he leaned heavily across her other arm and upper body. With his free hand he slowly, methodically began undoing the buttons of her shirt. “ Stacy begged, abandoning all hope of being able to hold him at bay with angry words. “ The foggy pools of his eyes met hers, and she had the oddest sensation of being enveloped by the shifting, swirling currents there. His fingers were halfway through their task. She felt the slightly roughened tips straying inside the opening of her shirt, testing the softness of the skin of her breasts above the edge of her bra.

More like a man going after his runaway woman! “ Stacy didn’t linger around to hear any more. She stepped on the gas, heading for the corner ahead. Well, she’d really gotten herself into a mess this time, Stacy lectured herself as she drove across town to the small Mexican adobestyle house she was renting. Paul Rylan would undoubtedly find the whole situation mar-velously entertaining. Would he understand at all why she-had done it? Would he care? Neither her father nor her mother would probably have any idea of just how shaky her brother’s marriage had become lately.

I lost my temper. It happens sometimes,“ she concluded with a small gesture of resignation, her hand lifting in a short, flat arc and falling back to her side. “ he asked in such a strange tone that Stacy’s eyes narrowed in sudden suspicion. Was he laughing at her? “ Not any more, she added mentally. “ he remarked dryly. „Hunter, if you’re going to retaliate, I wish you’d go ahead and get it over with,“ Stacy muttered irritably, the dreadful anticipation worse, she knew, than the actual punishment.

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