Basic English I: cards by Steinberger

By Steinberger

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Although other fuels will work – cars have even run on the methane gas given off by manure – gasoline has proved by far the most practical. However, no engine runs well if the gasoline is not fed in as a very fine spray, mixed with air in precisely the right proportion. A fuel mixture overrich in gasoline burns like a wet firecracker, and gasoline is wasted. A “lean” mixture, on the other hand, contains so little gasoline that all of it is burned up far too soon to give a powerful push on the piston.

It is a “manual” box – which means that the driver makes all the gear changes. With “automatic” boxes, the changes are made automatically when the engine reaches certain speeds. Reverse gear Input shaft WHAT A MESH! €The driver had to get the engine speed just right for the spinning gear teeth to mesh without crunching. Now all the gear pairs are constantly meshed together. On one shaft, the gears are fixed and turn with it, but on the other they spin loosely. When a gear is selected, the right loose gear is locked to its shaft by a sliding collar that meshes with teeth called “dogs” on the side of the gear.

It is also perfect for mass production since it involves little more than welding together steel sheets stamped into shape by machines – all of which can be done by robots on the production line. Rear “hatchback” door with double skin of pressed steel Body awaiting final coats of paint in chosen color Rear plastic bumper Telescopic door stay PERFECT FIT Plastic trim panel to cover electrical wiring access The right body proportions are all-important – the car must be small on the outside but big on the inside.

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