Bioactive Compounds from Terrestrial Extremophiles by Lesley-Ann Giddings, David J. Newman

By Lesley-Ann Giddings, David J. Newman

A dialogue of the chemical substances produced by means of organisms residing less than severe stipulations which can have power as medications or ends up in novel medicinal drugs for human use. This SpringerBrief bargains with bioactive fabrics from terrestrial extremophiles.

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Nevertheless, B. endophyticus is a new source of bacillamides. Structurally novel citrinum dimers have also been reported from a halotolerant fungal strain Penicillium citrinum B-57 isolated from sediments in the Jilantai salt field in Inner Mongolia, China (Lu et al. 2008).  9). 6 Halophiles 47 HN HN NH HN O NH N O OH O S NH N S NH2 S 136. Bacillamide C 135. Bacillamide B N O NH 137. Bacillamide D OH O HO O O O OH O O O OH O O 140. Actinopolysporin A OH O HO OH HO O 139. Penicitrinol B 138. Pennicitrinone C O 141.

1999) Ding et al. (2010) He et al. (2007) He et al. (2007) He et al. (2007) N/A Cytotoxic He et al. (2007) Li et al. (2007) Dietera et al. (2003), Bidasee et al. (2003) References Sato et al. (1980) Sato et al. (1980) Bahn et al. (1998) Cytotoxic Bioactivity Antimicrobial Antimicrobial Very weak aldose reductase inhibitor Antimicrobial; cytotoxic; antimalarial; weak antiparasitic; (de)activator of type 2 receptor calcium-release channels Cytotoxic 4ʹ-Dehydro-deacetylgriseusin A 102 2α,8α-Epoxy-epideacetylgriseusin B 103 epi-Deacetylgriseusin A 104 Griseusin D 101 Pyrocoll 100 Compound 1907-II 97 1907-VIII 98 YUA001 99 Table 4 Bioactive compounds isolated from terrestrial alkaliphiles 5 Alkaliphiles 39 Source Soda lake Soda lake Optimal pH 10 10 N/A information not available * pH of the environment the microbe was isolated from ** Optimal pH for microbial growth Thialkalivibrio versutus strain ALJ 15 T.

5, increased salt concentrations in some alkaliphile cultures were considered to be deleterious. On the other hand, lower salt concentrations promote cell lysis. To counterbalance external osmotic pressure, halophiles maintain their turgor by accumulating inorganic ions, such as potassium chloride, in the cytosol such that their internal salt concentration is always comparable to that of their external environment (Pflüger and Müller 2004). Osmolytes or organic molecules are also produced to increase turgor pressure, while salt is eliminated from the cytosol.

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