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It is also useful to depict the bulk drug process development cycle on a Cartesian coordinate plane (Fig. 6). The Process Development 21 Figure 5 The three basic tasks of bulk drug process development. These tasks exist concurrently throughout most of the development cycle, albeit their burdens vary through the cycle. Nevertheless, managing well all three tasks as inseparable parts of a single overall endeavor is the principal managerial challenge in bulk drug process development. , kilos of bulk drug made, batches made, or versions of the process piloted).

Also a very distinct processing area: little chemistry but a great deal of work-up, purification and isolation with a different mix of unit operations (17) 9. Intermediate bench=pilot scale lab for engineering studies (not the kilo lab, although it can be readily pressed into preparative duty as appropriate).

Similarly, codeine (analgesic), although found in opium from Papaver plants, is most economically made by methylation of morphine, which is more efficiently isolated from opium. c. Total synthesis from simple starting materials or less simple intermediate compounds (Fig. 3): (1) fosfomycin from commodity chemicals, (2) lobetalol from 5-bromoacetyl salicylamide. In either total synthesis or semisynthesis processing, sometimes a desired synthetic transformation is best done by an enzyme. Such synthesis step, whether using a preparation of the enzyme or the host microorganism, will be considered a chemical synthesis step (a biotransformation or a biocatalytic step) and not a fermentation for biosynthesis.

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