Broken (Star Wars: Legacy, Vol. 1) by John Ostrander

By John Ostrander

The Jedi Temple is attacked, an Emperor is betrayed, and the Sith are born anew! much can ensue in 100 years, yet that is only the start of the tale! no longer considering Luke Skywalker first stepped aboard the Millennium Falcon has the galaxy appeared like one of these giant, intriguing, risky position! Readers will meet a bunch of latest characters, see fleets of recent spaceships, and stopover at rankings of unique destinations - a few new and a few time-honored. this can be a excellent jumping-on aspect for any reader - an epic commencing to an untold bankruptcy of the best experience within the universe!

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They’re supposed to be bad luck. The things we could do with that totem! Hey, Talon! Maybe the red bear can help us fill these holes! Did you find any food? No, Kronk, but we came across a boy who can turn into a big red bear! A red bear … like the one seen before these worker humans arrived? Yes. This bear also walks on his hind legs. And has great power. Do you think it’s the same creature who challenged the wolves? The creature who challenged the wolves? And won! They say he’s very big. I’ve heard other animals say he is magical!

Maybe even be a superhero or something! Maybe you shouldn’t have taken it from here … Maybe it’s supposed to … protect people … from big bad wolves … and stuff … People from here! Not the city. Wait … Show-off! … let me help you. You think that’s impressive? Hey! Watch it! There! You’re a “people” … and you’re from “here” … and I just helped you! What’s the matter? Look, if you want me to dig the holes up so you can fill them yourself … No … it feels like we’re being watched. It’s just a couple of crows.

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