Building Vocabulary Skills and Strategies Level 3 by Joanne Suter

By Joanne Suter

Building Vocabulary abilities & thoughts sequence. Heres an excellent vocabulary application that's both acceptable for more youthful scholars operating at grade point and older scholars who've forgotten or by no means mastered the fundamentals. The pleasant glance and tone of this sequence belies the excellent sweep of the academic series. each topicfrom fundamental point phonics to the really expert terminology of essay testsis constructed from the floor up. comprises solution key, 144-pages

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A. a growing, living thing that usually has a stem and leaves: ______________________ b. a thought-out way of doing something: ______________________ 4. a. a measure of the moment, such as one o’clock: ______________________ b. to bind together with string: ______________________ 5. a. a soft, furry animal with long ears and a short tail: ______________________ b. a Jewish leader: ______________________ 6. a. the past tense of steal: ______________________ b. the bottom surface of your foot: ______________________ 7.

B. I hope it doesn’t ____________________ during the game. 7. throne / thrown a. The ball was ____________________ from the 20-yard line. b. The queen sat on a ____________________ decorated with flowers. com EASILY CONFUSED WORDS 1 Do you eat dessert or desert? Choose the second word and you’ll get a mouthful of sand! These two words are among the many that people often confuse. Circle the word that correctly completes each sentence. Use a dictionary if you need help deciding which word is correct.

In what do sparrows and robins clean themselves? _____________________________ 2. What time of day follows noon and comes before evening? _____________________________ 3. What does an artist use to apply color to a canvas? _____________________________ 4. What is a popular American sport? _____________________________ B. Now use each of the compound words you wrote above in a sentence. 1. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 2.

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