Calvin by J. K. S. Reid

By J. K. S. Reid

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9 Add: having made it known to the Seigneury i° Add: as he will see to be expedient 11 The article runs: As to the manner of introduction, since the ceremonies of time past have been perverted into much superstition, because of the weakness of the times, it will suffice that a declaration be made by one of the ministers denoting the office to which ordination is being made; 6o C A L V I N : T H E O L O G I C A L TREATISES When he is elected, he has to swear in front of the Seigneury. 12 Now as it is necessary to examine the ministers well when they are to be elected, so also it is necessary to have good supervision to maintain them in their duty.

48 ORGANIZATION OF THE CHURCH 49 As for the trouble and confusion which existed in this city at the beginning, before the gospel was with one accord received and recognized, it is not possible to reduce everything to good order in a moment, if only because the ignorance of the people would not allow it. But now that it has pleased the Lord a little better to establish his reign here, it seemed to us good and salutary to confer together concerning these things; and, after having taken counsel of the Word of the Lord, and having invoked his Name and besought the assistance of his Spirit, whose guidance it would be good to follow hereafter, we have concluded by presenting to you in the form of articles what we have deliberated concerning the knowledge which the Lord has vouchsafed to us, praying you in the Name of God that it be your pleasure not to spare yourselves from playing the part that pertains to your office.

Third, that others be not corrupted and perverted in their way of life, but rather by their example be turned from manifesting like faults. This use and practice persisted in the ancient Church for some time with particular usefulness and profit for Christianity, until some wicked bishops, or rather robbers taking the place of bishops, turned it into a tyranny and abused it for their evil cupidity. So that nothing today is more pernicious and evil in the dominion of the pope than excommunication, though it is in fact one of the most profitable and salutary things which the Saviour vouchsafed to his Church.

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