Career Opportunities in the Internet, Video Games, and by Allan Taylor, James Robert Parish

By Allan Taylor, James Robert Parish

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In addition, development is continuing to be done on mak- INTERNET AND THE WEB ing Flash’s content available on small screens like Palm Pilots and cell phones. swf files. When a visitor goes to a Web site that has been designed with Flash animation, the user’s browser program will open the webpage containing a Flash animation. It will load a Flash player (if already installed on the user’s computer), and the Flash animation will play automatically. One of the problems that Web designers face is that of compatibility.

Graphic Designers are involved in the planning discussions and must absorb the key design objectives of the projected Web site. They then combine such traditional design knowledge as color theory and layout with programming and computer design tools that convert the ideas into a functional product. In addition, they have to consider the multitude of paths that an end user might follow in exploring a Web site, and take into account issues of data compression and the functionality of a variety of computer systems and applications.

4. Volunteer to create art and design for local organizations that are working on Web sites, electronic kiosks, or other multimedia projects. 16 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN THE INTERNET, VIDEO GAMES, AND MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE DESIGNER CAREER PROFILE Duties: Design the icons, menus, and other design interactive features for a Web site, ensuring good customer interface with the site CAREER LADDER Product Development Director; Web Product Manager; Web Systems Director Alternate Title(s): Human Factors Specialist; Information Architect; Interactive Media Production Designer; Usability Engineer; User Interface Designer; User Interface Visual Designer Interface Designer Salary Range: $35,000 to $75,000 or more Employment Prospects: Fair to Good Advancement Prospects: Fair to Good Graphic Designer; Webpage Designer Prerequisites: Education or Training—Four-year college degree in design, graphic design, industrial design, human-computer interaction (HCI), cognitive science, or computer science, with courses in psychology, graphical arts, semiotics (signs and symbols), and business operations useful; master’s degree may be required in some cases Experience—Three to five years design experience, preferably in graphic or industrial design, and some experience with Web development and Web product design Special Skills and Personality Traits—Ability to collaborate actively with others in a cross-functional team; excellent interpersonal and leadership skills; highly organized and capacity to act independently; solid computer talents; strong analytical and oral communication skills; thorough understanding of graphic design and Web design principles, color theory, composition, iconography, and typography; understanding of and empathy with computer users Position Description Human-computer interaction (or HCI) is a relatively new field of research within computer science and Web site design, as it addresses both ergonomic and interaction issues between users and computers in computer design.

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