Charlie Bone and the Time Twister by Jenny Nimmo

By Jenny Nimmo

Young children of the pink King 2, secret mystery fiction booklet, sixth grade and up.

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The boys looked up to see a squat, ugly-looking dog standing at the top of the stairs. 11 howled again, raising its long nose toward the roof while folds of almost hairless skin shook beneath its whiskery chin. "What an ugly beast," Henry whispered. " Charlie didn't wait for the dog to howl again. "Quick," he said, grabbing Henry's arm. "You've got to hide. " asked Henry his eyes widening. "Just a feeling," said Charlie. " He dragged Henry toward the door into the west wing. " said Henry scooping up the Time Twister and slipping it into his pocket.

The Red King had already lived for several centuries and he made a marvelous glass sphere, putting into it all the memories of his travels through the world. He used the sphere to twist through time, visiting the past and the future. In any other hands, the Time Twister is dangerous and unpredictable. ************************************ THE CHILDREN OF THE RED KING, CALLED THE ENDOWED MANFRED BLOOR Head boy of Bloor's Academy A hypnotizer. CHARLIE BONE Descended from the Yewbeams , a family with many magical endowments, Charlie can hear the voices of people in photographs and paintings.

Henry! " James closed his eyes and sobbed into his pillow. Before he had completely run out of tears, James stopped shivering. The room was getting warmer. He opened his eyes and found that he could see his pillow his hand, the window A soft glow had spread across the ceiling. When James looked to see where it was coming from, he was amazed to find that three cats were silently pacing around his bed. One was orange, another yellow, and the third a bright coppery color. As soon as the cats knew they had been observed, they jumped up and rubbed their heads against the boy's cold hands, his neck, and his cheek.

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