Cloud Captains of Mars (Space 1889) by Frank Chadwick

By Frank Chadwick

CLOUD CAPTAINS OF MARS info the pirates and privateers who assemble at Karkarham, the Casablanca of Mars.

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As you draw closer the individual buildings become clear, and the city appears less romantic. Many of the tall towers are broken off, and the tops are jagged, untended openings. The old, majestic original buildings of the city were built with ample space between them, but those intervals are now packed with a jumble of low, shabby, stone and brick hovels. The smaller of the two hills is completely covered with a large for- tification guarding what appear to be villas, parks, and a very large palace.

This could result in him being jealous of the captain and trying to make him look bad. On the other hand, he may be extremely loyal to the captain, who once saved his life, and so goes out of his way to cover up the captain's incompetence. Crew: You obviously do not have time to provide character descriptions for each crewmember, but you should give some thought to the general look and feel of the crew. They may be clean and disciplined, and handle their duties quickly and competently. They may be dirty and sullen, and treat their officers with contempt.

Pumping Station 12. Gorklimsk Bridge 13. Customs House 14. Customs Boats 15. Levee 16. Dry Canal Bed SQUARES 21. Roogie Place 22. Gorklimsk Square 23. Great Bazaar 24. Pasaan Square 25. Balakhaat Square 26. Drayage Square 27. Jumaheet Place 28. Cleansing Mercy Square 29. Square of the Captains PARKS 31. Royal Gardens 32. Balakhaat Park 33. Istobaan Park 34. Customs Park 0 100 200 300 400 500 CLOUD CAPTAINS OF MARS GDW CITY DISTRICTS OF KARKARHAM CITY DISTRICTS OF KARKARHAM WHILE IT is NOT possible to describe every part of the city in detail, each of the major districts has its own special feel, and capturing that feel is important.

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