Cloud-Resolving Modeling of Convective Processes by Shouting Gao

By Shouting Gao

This booklet examines cloud-resolving modeling of tropical convective procedures and summarizes modeling effects in the course of TOGA COARE on account that 1992. The publication introduces the framework of cloud-resolving version, methodologies for research of modeling outputs, and validation of simulations with observations. The e-book info vital clinical findings within the features of floor rainfall strategies, precipitation potency, dynamic and thermodynamic strategies linked to tropical convection, diurnal diversifications, radiative and cloud microphysical procedures linked to improvement of cloud clusters, air-sea coupling on convective scales, weather equilibrium states, and distant sensing purposes. The booklet might be priceless to graduate scholars and researchers in cloud, mesoscale, and international modeling.

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Convective–stratiform cloud partitioning analysis is an important part of the modeling study towards better understanding of clouds and associated microphysics and thermodynamics and their impacts on tropical hydrological and energy cycles, which is discussed in this chapter. 1 Heat and Vapor Budgets Li et al. (1999) derived zonal-mean heat and vapor budgets and zonal- and massweighted mean heat budget, and zonal-mean precipitable water (PW) budget. 7d) by π and averaging the resulting equation zonally yields Q¯ cn Q¯ R π ∂ (ρ¯ w θ ) ∂ T¯ ∂ θ¯ ∂ T¯ o = − π w¯ o − u¯o .

1999) calculated using Sui’s method are in the ranges of calculations using the 32 2 Analysis Methodology methods of Churchill and Houze (1984) and Steiner et al. (1995). The convective– stratiform cloud partitioning method developed by Tao et al. (1993) and modified by Sui et al. (1994) will be used in the following analysis throughout the book. References Adler RF, Negri AJ (1988) A satellite infrared technique to estimate tropical convective and stratiform rainfall. J Appl Meteor 27:30–51 Caniaux G, Redelsperger JL, Lafore JP (1994) A numerical study of the stratiform region of a fast-moving squall line.

References 19 Clark TL, Hall WD (1991) Multi-domain simulations of the time dependent Navier-Stokes equations: Benchmark error analysis of some nesting procedures. J Comput Phys 92:456–481 Clark TL, Hall WD, Coen JL (1996) Source code documentation for the Clark-Hall cloud-scale model: Code version G3CH01. NCAR Tech. Note NCAR/TN-426 + STR, 137pp. [Available from NCAR Information Service, P. O. ] Deardorff JW (1972) Numerical investigation of neutral and unstable planetary boundary layers. J Atmos Sci 29:91–115 Deardorff JW (1975) The development of boundary-layer turbulence models for use in studying the severe storm environment.

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