Commercializing Cosmopolitan Security : Safeguarding the by Andreas Krieg

By Andreas Krieg

This publication analyses key themes inside of overseas politics: the accountability to guard (R2P) and the commercialization and privatization of defense. In an international of ungoverned areas, country failure and erupting humanitarian crises, the overseas neighborhood is more and more known as upon to workout its accountability to guard groups below risk. right here, Krieg explains the civil-military dynamics at the back of the state’s failure to successfully interfere in humanitarian crises in another country utilizing its serviceman. The relevant query that follows is: may the personal army contractor be a greater substitute agent of the kingdom in humanitarian intervention? This e-book demonstrates that given his specialist identification and function in the direction of buyer nation and public, the contractor should be hired successfully in humanitarian intervention to generate extra moral results. This quantity is key examining for researchers and post-graduate scholars of R2P, foreign safeguard stories and privatization, in addition to Peace and clash reports and diplomacy extra broadly.

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This is why states have an obligation to raise and maintain armies. 24 Thus, the state–soldier contract can be directly linked to the Social Contract and the arising obligation for the state to safeguard the lives, liberties and estates of its citizens. In order for the state to be able to do this, it has to assign the soldier, another agent, with the task of providing public security. 25 The social contractarian trinity constitutes a hierarchy of accountability ranging from society as the main principal over the state and therefore the primary agent to the soldier as the secondary agent.

The chapter first discusses the concept of humanitarian intervention and the underlying cosmopolitan responsibility from a philosophical point of view through the prism of Just War theory. Second, it investigates to what extent international law might hold a legal base for the protection of strangers over the protection of state sovereignty. Third, the chapter fuses the moral and legal debate by discussing how the international community has given new meaning to the cosmopolitan debate in the post-1990 era by developing the ethical norm of the responsibility to protect (R2P).

R2P: From Slogan to an International Ethical Norm. 43 (Güz 2014). INTRODUCTION 15 4. Roy, J. (1999). ‘Polis’ and ‘Oikos’ in Classical Athens. Greece & Rome, Vol. 46, No. 1 (1999).  1). 5. Treggiari, S. (1998). Home and Forum: Cicero between ‘Public’ and ‘Private’. Transactions of the American Philological Association, Vol. 128 (1998).  6). 6. Locke, J. (1690). ‘The Two Treatises of Government’. Chapter IX: Of the Ends of Political Society and Government. (§4); Hobbes, T. (2004). Leviathan. Sioux Falls, SD: Nuvision Publications.

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