Confessions of a Teen Nanny, Volume 1 by Victoria Ashton

By Victoria Ashton

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It is a Chinese crested terrier. They are very rare. His name is Bisquit. It means ‘cookie’ in French. ” “I see,” Adrienne said politely, realizing too late that that had probably not been the best way to begin the interview. She extended her hand again. “You must be Mr. Warner . I’m—” “I am not Mr. Warner ,” the man interrupted. “I am Kane. Mr. and Mrs. Warner ’s butler. ” Adrienne asked. “Kane is my last name,” he said irritably. “Oh, sorry . . Mr. Kane,” she said. “Just Kane, no Mister. Butlers are always called by their last name,” he replied, as if he were speaking to a child.

Wishing she could rewind the night and figure out how the party had gone so horribly wrong. Liz stood up and shook out her curly, dark hair. She smoothed her hands over the peach Chanel cocktail dress, conveniently “borrowed” from Mrs. Warner ’s amazing closet. Slipping her feet back into the Jimmy Choo heels that Adrienne had swiped for her from seventeen-year-old Cameron Warner ’s shoe closet ( more like a shoe store, Liz thought), Liz walked over to her friend, and the two girls surveyed the wreck that was now the Warner s’ apartment.

I’ll do it,” she said. ” Liz said. “I’m psyched! ” “Definitely,” Adrienne said, hugging her friend. Then she stepped back. “Wait. ” Liz looked her up and down. Adrienne was very pretty, with short, layered gingery hair and green eyes. She was tall and fine-boned. Since going to Van Rensselaer, her wardrobe had changed dramatically from when they were kids. She had abandoned the tidy, preppy look of her child-hood for the edgier styles admired at her competitive public school. Her low-slung cargo pants and hippie-style tops looked playful and great on her, but Liz knew they wouldn’t pass muster on Fifth Avenue.

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