Cosmic View: The Universe in Forty Jumps by Kees Boeke, Compton Arthur H

By Kees Boeke, Compton Arthur H

Attention-grabbing e-book with diagrams exhibiting dimension comparability within the universe.

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In this and all the remaining pictures, of course, the small square in the center encloses what is to be found in the next picture, rather than in the preceding one as in the first series; and the tiny square (beginning with 0) shows the area of the second following picture. 1 cm. in picture = 10 cm. in actuality. Scale = 1:10 37 1 The living creature portrayed in this drawing is a mosquito, to be exact an anopheles, or malaria mosquito. We can see this from the way it sticks up its hind legs. This is the first strange coincidence, for from the first series of pictures we know that it was in December that the scene occurred, and this insect is rather rare in Holland in winter.

The grain of salt which was only half a millimeter when we saw it in actual size on the girl’s hand has now become an unthinkably huge cube with sides of more than 50,000 kilometers. 2 millimeters. 1 cm. in picture = 10−11 cm. 001 ˚A. Scale = 100,000,000,000:1 = 1011 49 −12 Now the nucleus of sodium has become of appreciable size, and also in the inset the nucleus of the hydrogen atom (a proton) is clearly “visible”. As was pointed out in −4, there is no question of the objects themselves being “visible”, as we are dealing here with dimensions which are a hundred million times smaller than the wave lengths of light.

It is therefore an urgent need that we all, children and grown ups alike, be educated in this spirit and toward this goal. Learning to live together in mutual respect and with the definite aim to further the happiness of all, without privilege for any, is a clear duty for mankind, and it is imperative that education shall be brought onto this plane. In this education the development of a cosmic view is an important and necessary element; and to develop such a wide, all-embracing view, the expedition we have made in these “forty jumps through the universe” may help just a little.

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