Dajjal? The judeo-christian civilization! by Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni

By Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni

1. Preface - 7
2. significance of the Dajjal's Emergence - 13
3. identification of the Dajjal - 48
4. different Hadis in regards to the Dajjal - 87
5. The Dajjal within the Bible - 92
6. but… - 96
7. the current kingdom of Mankind - 103
8. genuine Ebadat - 130
9. a distinct chance - 139

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While on the other hand, those who do not accept and adapt Dajjal's way of life, will remain in the dungeons of hell, plagued by poverty, hunger and ignorance. Those who accept the Dajjal's theory of life to be true, in fact accept a way of life devoid of Allah's sovereignty, His Guidance, are those acceptable to the Impostor, and thus be the ones to be permitted to its heaven, be assisted militarily, monetarily and politically. The fate of those who would not accept the Dajjal's dominion is to be the exact opposite, deprived of all assistance, both monetary and military, be opposed politically, and effectively sent to hell.

Almost all developing countries in the world today are dependent on the so-called developed nations for aid and loans of all kinds. , collective issues are gratified with financial and other kinds of assistance in the forms of charity and loans. The extent of the dependence on foreign aid is such that all their development programs and projects are brought to a standstill and their governments collapse if the loans not are remitted at due time. In the unlikely event of any country, community daring to disobey the Dajjal's directive on any matter, economic, trade sanctions is imposed Identity of the Dajjal 58 immediately on them and they are deprived of all help from the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, in one word from all the entities controlled by the Dajjal.

Was sent. ), but stressed that he had been sent to reestablish the soul of thefaith in its rightful position. ) did not contain any new national Shariah, it Importance of the Dajjal's Emergence 36 promulgated the personal spirituality of man only. As a result of which, what the religion Paul and his supporters converted Europeans to, was an incomplete, imbalanced version of the original faithand this they tried to establish at a national level. As I have mentioned earlier, man had never tried to replace Allah's sovereignty with his own, never thought of implementing his own laws and regulations rejecting the Creator's and he did not try to do that at this point either.

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