Dear Gladys: the survival papers by Daryl Sharp

By Daryl Sharp

Booklet by means of Sharp, Daryl

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You know the mysteries, I don't. Tell me what is true. Wipe the scales from my eyes. " I polished my half-glasses with a tissue, wondering if my Japanese maple would survive the frost. I was not indifferent to Norman's plight, but he had some expectations I couldn't meet. Call it projection, call it transference, he saw me as his savior. It wasn't his fault, that's just the way it is. You invest other people with your own potential. And when they don't live up to it, you get testy. "I know some theories and I have experienced my own process," I said.

Sometimes it's the only thing that'll get me off my butt. If I get bored enough, fed up with things as they are, maybe I'll do something about it. But for that to happen, I need my shadow. 2 The flow of energy toward the unconscious constellates the shadow, that side of myself I'm not normally aware of. And so when I'm bored I wander about, noting what catches my interest. In short, I follow my energy. It's time-consuming, and where the energy wants to go often raises ethical questions. But it does away with boredom.

Those seeking to be cured went through a process called incubation. First they had a cleansing bath. This was thought to have a purifying effect on the soul as well as the body. Uncontaminated by the body, the soul was free to commune with the god. After some preliminary sacrificial offerings, the incubants lay on a couchGreek cline,whence derives the name for our modern clinicsand went to sleep. If they were lucky, they had a healing dream and woke up feeling great. 4 The use of a couch in classical Freudian analysis stems from this ancient practice.

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