Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, Third by Paul Singleton

By Paul Singleton

This 3rd, Revised Edition of a different, encyclopaedic reference paintings covers the entire box of natural and utilized microbiology and microbial molecular biology in a single quantity. The Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, 3rd variation, Revised:

  • Reflects the most recent advancements within the box
  • Features over 18,000 entries from concise definitions of phrases to review-length articles
  • Provides large cross-referencing among subject matters
  • Includes a variety of references from medical journals and different proper assets

With its wide-ranging description of alternative components of microbiology, the Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, 3rd version, Revised is an fundamental reference for each researcher, lecturer and student.Content:

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AlgU (sE ) See ALGINATE. alicyclic hydrocarbons See HYDROCARBONS. alimentary toxic aleukia A severe, usually lethal MYCOTOXICOSIS caused by ingestion of mouldy grain contaminated with certain TRICHOTHECENES – usually T-2 toxin produced by Fusarium tricinctum. Symptoms include extreme leucopenia and multiple haemorrhages. aliphatic hydrocarbons See HYDROCARBONS. alkA gene See ADAPTIVE RESPONSE. Alkalescens–Dispar group Non-motile strains of Escherichia coli in which glucose is fermented anaerogenically and lactose fermentation is delayed or absent.

Ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and trimethylene glycol (dihydric alcohols) have been used, in aerosol form, for the disinfection of air; a relative humidity of ca. 60% is required. g. as a preservative in pharmaceutical preparations. g. as a preservative in vaccines. ) aldopentose See PENTOSES. Alectoria A genus of LICHENS (order LECANORALES); photobiont: a green alga. g. on damp soil, on ice (‘ice algae’ – see DIATOMS) and snow (‘snow algae’ – see RED SNOW), and on tree-trunks etc. g. ZOOCHLORELLAE and ZOOXANTHELLAE).

A. muscaria with birch (Betula). g. white, yellowish, red or brown. A. muscaria (the ‘fly agaric’) forms a bright red pileus to which often adhere scattered white scales (remnants of the universal veil). g. A. muscaria (see also MUSCARINE), A. pantherina, A. phalloides (the ‘death cap fungus’), A. verna, and A. virosa (the ‘destroying angel’). ) Amanitaceae See AGARICALES. a-amanitin An AMATOXIN which, at low concentrations, specifically inhibits eukaryotic RNA POLYMERASE II; RNA polymerase III is inhibited at high concentrations.

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