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Книги знакомят нас с работами одних их самых лучших и востребованных художников 2nd и 3D. на этих страницах вы найдёте их галереи, узнаете об их манере рисования, их специальных приёмах. Также они поделятся с вами процессом создания полотен и расскажут немного о том, что питает их воображение.
Digital paintings Masters: quantity 1-6 delves into the operating practices of a few of the world’s top electronic artists to bare the construction tactics at the back of their breathtaking images.
Originally introduced in 2005, the yearly electronic artwork Masters sequence maintains to show off the paintings of a few of the best second and 3D artists from all over the world. the newest quantity, electronic paintings Masters: quantity 6 is our largest publication but. It welcomes one other 50 up and-coming and veteran artists, and follows the culture of taking readers past the breathtaking photographs with certain breakdowns of the innovations and methods every one artist hired whereas developing their beautiful imagery. Inspirational and instructive, this is often greater than only a gallery or espresso desk booklet, this can be a undying source for any electronic artist.

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03). 06 of the Color Dodge layer style in Photoshop is pretty effective, but it’s very important to always use very low opacity on it; I always have the Opacity set between 5 and 15%. 04). I also use a default Photoshop soft-edged brush here to add some of the smoke effects, which have a low opacity on them too. I continue to paint more on the trees, using the same colors as before. M u lt iply This step is simple: I duplicate the painted layer and change the layer mode to Multiply, making the image slightly darker.

06). After we’ve finished our twister, we need to go to the next stage of the illustration, and, to be honest, this is the step I personally enjoy the most. 07). F i n a l l y, s o m e C o l o r ! Now we create a new layer and place it above all the others. 07 layer, and then rename this layer “color”. After this, we press Ctrl + U and the Hue window should pop up. 08). With these values we will get a nice sepia brown color that we can use for our illustration. We’re almost there now! The initial grayscale painting technique used with this illustration is often used by artists to clear our minds from the color of our subjects, and to cut straight to the chase.

Set the Size Jitter to 100% and make sure the control settings under Angle Jitter are set to Initial Direction. 07). 08). 09) where I applied 74% spacing to the separation of the brush flow. D e fa u lt OK, so now our brush settings are complete all that we need to do is save the brush options that have been applied. It’s very important throughout this process that you don’t choose another brush, or else you may lose all the settings you have applied to your custom brush. Click the Brushes Option window, located at the top right with a little arrow next to it, as previously, and now choose New Brush Preset.

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