Dragons Of The Dwarven Depths (Dragonlance: The Lost by Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman

By Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman

Tanis Half-Elven... Flint Fireforge... Tasslehoff Burfoot... the vintage Dragonlance characters are back!

Picking up the place the 1st e-book of the vintage Dragonlance Chronicles left off, this story follows the partners of the Lance on their adventures following the rescue of the refugees of Pax Tharkas. Flint and Tanis Half-Elven trip to the dwarven state of Thorbardin, whereas the remainder of the partners confront demanding situations in their personal.

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The longing for home. anis Half-Elven woke with a hangover, and he hadn’t even been drinking. His hangover came not from spending the night in jollity, dancing, and drinking too much ale. It came from lying awake half the night worrying. Tanis had left the wedding early last night. The celebratory spirit grated on his soul. The loud music made him wince and glance uneasily over his shoulder, fearful that they were revealing themselves to their enemies. He longed to tell the musicians, banging and tooting on their crude instruments, not to play so loudly.

When he had recovered, he stared again out the door, trying to see the kender in the moonlight. Raistlin was leaning on a weak reed and he knew it. There was every possibility that the rattle-brained kender would get distracted by something and forget about him completely. “In which case I’ll be dead by morning,” Raistlin muttered. His irritation at Caramon grew. His thoughts went back to his conversation with Tanis. ” Tanis had asked him. “I’m saying we should remove the carrot and walk forward with our eyes open,” Raistlin had answered.

Is that wise? ” “True,” said Tanis, “but the pass between here and Pax Tharkas is blocked by rocks and snow. The dragonarmy has better things to do than chase after us. They’re conquering nations. ” Riverwind turned his penetrating gaze full on Tanis. “The enemy must come after us. If the people they conquer hear that others threw off their manacles and walked free, they will begin to believe they can also overthrow their masters. The armies of the Dark Queen will come after us. ” Tanis knew he was right.

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