Dreamweaver CS5.5 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5, by David Karlins

By David Karlins

Create web content in Dreamweaver utilizing the newest expertise and technique. upload multimedia and interactivity on your web pages. Optimize your web pages for quite a lot of systems and construct cellular apps with Dreamweaver. a pragmatic advisor packed with many examples for making the easiest use of Dreamweaver's most recent good points.

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In addition, while this is not a requirement for web page filenames, I recommend keeping filenames all lowercase to prevent confusion in file management (much of the Web is case sensitive when it comes to filenames). The Unicode normalization form pop up: The default "C" setting in this pop up is the most widely supported way of coding characters used in different languages (such as o, ó, ò, ô, ö, õ) for the World Wide Web. Dreamweaver allows you to save in other, less widely supported systems of coding characters, but this is only useful in very specialized situations.

You can toggle between them by clicking on either tag. css filename extension): As you create more complex HTML5 layouts, being aware of what related files affect the appearance of that page opens the door to powerful design techniques. For now, simply note that the appearance of your generated HTML5 layout is defined by both the basic HTML web page and the related (linked) CSS file. info Creating HTML5 Pages in Dreamweaver Code, Split, and Design views Your HTML5 page can be viewed in the Code, Split, or Design view.

However, finding and selecting elements is exactly how you duplicate them. If, for example, you need to add an

container to your page, the easy way to do that is to start by locating, selecting, and copying to the clipboard an existing article container, as shown in the following screenshot: Alternatively, take another example (because this can be a bit confusing until you practice a bit), to copy an article section you would click on the border of the section itself and you could double-check in the tag bar (or triple-check using the Code section of Split view) to be sure you had a single section selected.

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