Eberron Survival Guide (Eberron) by Logan Bonner

By Logan Bonner

Discover a global of magic and mystery.This lavishly illustrated visible advisor explores the paranormal, medieval delusion global of Eberron. Climb aboard an elemental airship and stopover at wondrous destinations, from the hovering spires of Sharn and monolithic mountain strongholds of the Mror Holds to the cyclopean ruins of Xen'drik and the sparkling glaciers of the Frostfell. See the area like by no means ahead of and observe its many secrets.If you are a fan of delusion paintings and literature, the Eberron Survival consultant makes an outstanding addition in your library or espresso desk. It brings the area of Eberron to lifestyles visually and provides non-Eberron gamers a glimpse right into a wealthy global of magic and secret.

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T h r e e rulers of the four nations that survived the Last War are Galifar's descendants. Aundair's Q u e e n Aurala still seeks the t h r o n e of Galifar, though she would rather acquire it through skill with words than skill at arms. T h e war-weary K i n g Boranel of Breland desires peace m o r e than he seeks a united Galifar, and he supports Breland's strong parliament. K a r r n a t h ' s king is Kaius III, who rules his nation as a military dictator. K a r r n a t h , however, was one of the most vocal supporters of peace, and Kaius seems m o r e focused on rebuilding his nation than on rekindling war.

T h e Claw, as it is often called, was never the patriotic organization it claims to be. Although it still panders to K a r r n a t h i patriotism, its true loyalties lie with the Blood of Vol cult. Its highest-ranking members know that Vol, the Lich Q u e e n , created the Claw. She alone commands the order. Long ago, K i n g Kaius I of K a r r n a t h made an alliance with the Blood of Vol cult. T h e O r d e r of the Emerald Claw formed d u r i n g this time, apparently dedicated to serving king and country as elite agents.

If the definition of "greatness" is "secret vassal of Vol, the Lich Q u e e n , " then maybe the order's members are correct. Vol uses the Claw as her personal army, her spies, her relic hunters, and even as terrorists. Its symbol is a reference to Vol's heritage as a half-dragon. TWO FACES Knights of the O r d e r of the Emerald Claw often wear their colors proudly and openly. Self-assured in their own moral code, they willingly do battle with any who dare oppose them. These armed fanatics are just the public face of the Claw.

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