Endangered Species: How We Can Avoid Mass Destruction and by Stephen M., PhD Younger

By Stephen M., PhD Younger

A former nuclear guns fashion designer, Stephen M. more youthful knows, as few others can, humankind's strength for violence. He is aware that the proliferation of guns of mass destruction implies that any kingdom, staff, or perhaps person may cause unbelievable carnage—and the accelerating speed of communications and transportation implies that issues can occur speedier than we will take into consideration them. In Endangered Species, more youthful friends into the guts of contemporary civilization to provide a pragmatic plan for finishing mass violence, the scourge of our occasions and a chance to our survival as a species. having a look throughout our wisdom of psychology, historical past, politics, and expertise, more youthful provides a resounding argument that we will get away our spiral into international destruction. yet we've not a second to lose.

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This told me how quickly they could pick up new concepts and use them to solve problems. I would then see how many papers they had published, as an indicator of how productive they were. But if I was really interested in someone I would look for their credentials and interests beyond science and technology. Had they taken much history, any philosophy, any other social sciences or humanities in college? I wanted more than a technician—someone who knew how to do science. Our work affected the future of the world and I wanted people who understood why they were doing it.

Finally, our government is based upon the assumption that everyone, regardless of position, is subject to the rule of law and that the ultimate authority in the nation is the will of the people as voiced in periodic elections. While not perfect, the American system of government was a brilliant invention that has survived two centuries of testing. It has enabled us to become one of the most successful cultures of all time. There are two points to draw from this discussion: First, the political and social systems in which we live are not inevitable; they are not the only way that human beings can organize themselves.

While we fret over the crime rate, most of us feel relatively safe going shopping, visiting friends, and even traveling to other cities or countries. We have developed street smarts that warn us of impending danger; we are savvy enough to avoid walking alone at night in bad neighborhoods. More than that, violence against persons is against the law in every civilized country. Only in cases of selfdefense, and then only when the threat to our life or the life of someone nearby is imminent, is it permitted to physically injure another person, and even then there is likely to be a formal investigation to ensure that there was just cause.

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