Meditations of Guigo, Prior of the Charterhouse by John J. (translator) Guigo; Jolin

By John J. (translator) Guigo; Jolin

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One can easily judge that Guigo was a great organizer, and a man of considerable learning. Both St. Bernard and Peter the Venerable have left accounts of the impression of sanctity which Guigo made upon them. " Besides the Consuetudines, Guigo edited the letters of St. Jerome, but his edition is lost. He wrote many letters, addressed to the most distinguished men of his day, including St. Bernard, and, though the letters are lost, St. Bernard's replies are extant. Of the genuine writings of Guigo which are still in existence, besides the Consuetudines, there are six letters and a life of St.

The usual figures of speech are employed with spontaneity; parallelism, asyndeton, alliteration, oxymoron, and many others are evident, and an effort has been made to preserve them in the translation whenever possible or useful. When Guigo wrote down his thoughts, he was concerned, it will be recalled, primarily with his own understanding of his own soul; yet the habitual forms of expression into which his thought naturally was channeled show variety, clarity and beauty. It would be strange, indeed, if Guigo had not an artistic style.

If you bear with yourself who are so unclean why not with 122 any other man? <><><><><><><><><><><><> To as many chances as are subject the things which you 123 love, to so many is also subject your spirit. At first, constrained by bodily suffering, you let in the 124 world; and now the suffering itself pleases you so that you feel and enjoy the world.  It is so, no matter what great things you have experienced or heard.  Would you serve if there were none to minister to, namely, the needy?  seek shade if there were no heart?

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