Poems and Rhymed Prayers by Eberhard Arnold

By Eberhard Arnold

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Gone is the fever, the torment of passion – gone lust’s fell sway. The pureness of radiant light now unites us: joy rules the day. Falsehood and scheming have fled with the darkness – no lie remains. Healing and lifting us, truth spreads its wings, forever to reign. Sannerz, ca. ” P O E M S & R H Y M E D P R A Y E R S : E B E R H A R D A R N O L D Reflecting the hopelessness of the large cities he visited on speaking tours, “The city: a maelstrom” captures a mood Eberhard describes in a letter to a friend, January 20, 1923, “In the hard struggle behind all these outward horrors that weigh us down, one feels deep disillusionment and general depression everywhere.

God, thou art without end! To thee the widest land is small. Thy spirit knows no bounds; so, too, we love thee without end. Yes, we are wholly, fully thine: none stands apart, in space or time. Hearts are opened, and circles closed. Men find one another: a new wind blows. Dancing and swaying, hands join the round. All life is renewed – glad music resounds. Heart meets heart with purity crowned. In unity radiant garlands are bound. Sannerz, May 1923 Sannerz, May 1923 From Emmy’s memoirs: “Early morning meetings at Sannerz had a deep meaning for us… Anyone who was at peace with God and his brothers and sisters could take part; those who were not stayed away.

It is a symbolic sunrise: truth breaks in; love is victorious. ” 49 Silent devotions. I have begun to live again. From treetops tall soft twitters resound, but not one call. The night retreats, death sinks away. My body stirs, my limbs awake. Spring breezes whisper, sunbeams play. We wait, listen – a tiny band. Soft winds murmur all around. Refrain: Who grasps the lightning in his hand? Who holds the sun and makes it blaze? To see is to tremble in awe and bliss and know hope’s blessings all your days.

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