The King's Buccaneer (Riftwar: Krondor's Sons, Book 2) by Raymond E. Feist

By Raymond E. Feist

The entire of the terrific Riftwar Cycle through bestselling writer Raymond E. Feist, grasp of magic and experience, now on hand in e-book In Amos Trask's send, Prince Nicholas and Squire Harry set sail for a pleasant stopover at to Uncle Martin in Crydee. yet whereas the 2 are visitors in Crydee, catastrophe moves. Nicholas, 3rd son of Prince Arutha, is a talented child, yet sheltered through lifestyles at his father’s court docket in Krondor. to profit extra of the realm outdoors the palace partitions, Nicholas and his squire, Harry, set sail for pastoral Crydee, the place Arutha grew up. presently after their arrival, Crydee is brutally attacked. The fort is diminished to ruins, the townspeople slaughtered and younger noblewomen – pals of Nicholas – are kidnapped. As Nicholas ventures farther from the customary landmarks of his domestic in pursuit of the invaders, he learns that there's extra at stake than the destiny of his associates, extra even than destiny of the dominion of the Isles, for in the back of the murderous pirates stands a strength that threatens the whole international of Midkemia, and merely he's destined to confront this terrifying hazard. Set ten years after the occasions in Prince of Blood, The King’s Buccaneer returns to Feist’s best-loved international during this stand-alone novel.

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The King's Buccaneer (Riftwar: Krondor's Sons, Book 2)

The complete of the extraordinary Riftwar Cycle via bestselling writer Raymond E. Feist, grasp of magic and event, now on hand in booklet In Amos Trask's send, Prince Nicholas and Squire Harry set sail for a pleasant stopover at to Uncle Martin in Crydee. yet whereas the 2 are site visitors in Crydee, catastrophe moves.

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